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Laboratory Equipments, Training & Consulting and Calibration Services.


BRUKER Distributor

We sell various BRUKER analytical equipments, such as FT-IR, FT-NIR, FT-Raman, FT-IR Microscope, XRF, XRD, NMR, and ICP-MS, as well as spare parts, service, and maintenance.


Service Maintenance

As our commitment and responsibility to costumers, We provide the best service and after sales service support.


Calibration Services

Provide calibration services for industrial, laboratory, and instrumental analysis, wich cover broad range of application, such as mass & balance, temperature, dimension, electrical, force, pressure, volumetrik, and analytical instrument.


Training & Consulting

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Our Vision as leader in laboratory equipment supply, calibration services and training & consulting with the best product and quality services.


Who We Are

A Few Words About Us..

The establishment of PT. Arfindo Bersinar started from performance, professionalism, and loyalty of Mrs. Arfina Nengkoda as General Manager of Bruker Indonesian Representatif Office, which manufacturer laboratory equipments from Germany since 1999-2001.

In line with the development of laboratory equipment market share, costumer database, and to improve sales, service, and after sales service Bruker product in Indonesia, We proudly establish PT. Arfindo Bersinar as sole agent Bruker product in Indonesia from early 2002 until now.

In the early 2013's as gratitude and our commitment to our loyal and potential costumers, we are prou to open the gauge calibration services and human resource training services. Supported by experienced & certified experts, we are confident to achieve our mission and vision to be a leading company in the field of supply of laboratory equipment, measuring instruments calibration services, and human resource training services, with emphasis on quality product, good service and reliable and uphold honesty, integrity, professionalism, and costumer satisfaction.




Technical & Application


Sales & Marketing



Our Calibration laboratory is present to meet the calibration demand of industrial laboratory equipment with complete scope. Calibration activities carried out by the Quality Management System in accordance with SNI ISO/IEC 17025:2008, in order to guarantee consistency and technical competence of calibration within the scope of its activities

Calibration Services

Quality Policy

The Management of PT. Arfindo Bersinar calibration laboratory set to provide calibration services to the costumers with quality and cotumer satisfaction, reliable and guaranteed that the work done by tthe independence of calibration, honesty , thorough, fast, precise and acurate as well as conducting evaluation and continuous improvement.

The Management of PT. Arfindo Bersinar calibration laboratory continously update knowledge, improve the quality of human resources by implementing and providing opportunities for training and education. PT Arfindo calibration laboratory management will respond swiftly in the act address the problem, professional and meticolous in carrying out the task, have the integrity and credibility of the community recognized and always prioritize team work in accordance with the hierarchical structure of the organization.

The Management of PT. Arfindo Bersinar calibration laboratory ensures all personal aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and contribute in the achievement of the objectives of the management system.

The top management guarantee that appropriate communication processes are established within the laboratory to support the effectiveness of the management system.

The calibration activities carried out on the basis of a quality management system in accordance with SNI ISO/IEC 17025:2008, in order to guarantee consistency and calibration technical competence within the scope of its activities. Quality management system of the laboratory calibration of PT. Arfindo Bersinar quality guides poured in, the procedures and work instruction are documented, understood and implemented by all personel is professional.


FT-IR Alpha

Alpha is the smallest FT-IR for routine analysis


MPA is Multipurpose Analysis FT-NIR

FT-IR Microscope Lumos

Stand alone IR Microscope

FT-NIR Matrix

On Line Process FT-NIR Spectrometer


MQ 20 is for R&D application.

FT-NIR Tango

The next generation of FT-NIR

FT-IR Vertex

Vertex is your solution for high resolution


MQ ONE is dedicated TD-NMR

FT-IR Tensor

Tensor is for tandem or coupling IR solution

XRD D2 Phaser

The world fastest and most powerful dekstop X-Ray Diffractometer

XRF S2 Ranger

EDX XRF Spectrometer

ICP-MS Aurora M90 & Elite

Robust powerfull and high sensitivity ICP-MS in the market

XRF S2 Picofox

TXRF (Total reflection X-ray Fluorescence) Spectrometer


The highest resolution FT-IR in the world







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Perkantoran Kranggan RT16 No. 25-26 JL. Alternatif Cibubur-Jakarta Indonesia Phone: +62 21 8456737, +62 21 84300187 Fax: +62 21 84598037

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